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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fresh Intellivent-Timer-Humidity

Fully automatic humidity control that adjusts itself to the right level according to the season and that does not require adjustment. A built-in “sniff function” controls the fan for an optimal function in each individual bathroom.
It has a timer with a selectable start delay function and three extended end-of-run times in addition to an automatic airing function and the option for constant operation at an adjustable speed.

Intellivent can also work constantly, which makes with Inlet (intake air) allows you to always have constant air flow in your building.

The motor is a low-energy (only 2,1 – 5,5 W depending on speed) and the unit is fitted with double ball bearings for a long service life (life span of approx 60,000 hours. )
The low voltage motor in the fan means it works extremely quietly. Compared to conventional AC motor the Intellivent is proven to be the quietest fan on the market.

Easy to clean, simply press the snap-in catch and swing out the motor for easy cleaning the grill.

Fresh Intellivent has a number of functions and can be connected in several ways depending on which functions are required.

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